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Wing Chun Kuen in Shrewsbury, Shropshire UK

What is Wing Chun Kuen? … Originating in China. In its raw form: A scientific, yet self-expressive system of applied biomechanics & physics.

The historical evolution of 詠 春 拳 Wing Chun Kuen has been attained over many generations. For centuries Wing Chun Kuen was handed down orally, this has made it more challenging in preserving certain historical landmarks. Many interesting stories are still being told about Wing Chun Kuen provenance. Yet, it has not been possible to successfully alter its scientific underlying principles without compromising their original intended purpose: A variable and intuitive methodology, offering the potential ability to an individual scholar to progress to their highest level of physical and intellectual dexterity. In the first instance, firm emphasis should be placed on enhancing and maintaining cognitive fitness and physical well being – culminating in cognitive readiness and ultimately self-defence.

The essence of Wing Chun Kuen remains a development, for it largely consists of a dialogue between the teacher and the student. It is absolutely fundamental an understanding that a significant proportion of teaching methods are dialectic. Skilful means are proposed to bring about the wisdom of the learner. Contact us here.

Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu

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