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Learn Wing Chun in the West Midlands

Est. in 1995. Conceptually, Ip Man Wing Chun system. Members of the British Council For Chinese Martial Arts – BCCMA. We deliver ONE-ON-ONE ‘Student-Centred Learning’, whilst operating a flexible timetable. Direct Hong Kong lineage, hence passing down the unadulterated Wing Chun ancestral ‘Kuen Kuit.’ Contact us here.

  • Registered Coach with the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts – BCCMA
  • Certified Instructor with the Ving Tsun Athletic Association – Hong Kong
  • Permanent Member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association – Hong Kong
  • Permanent member of the Yip Man Martial Arts Athletic Association – Hong Kong

Why study Wing Chun? … Firm emphasis should be placed on enhancing and maintaining cognitive fitness and physical well being – culminating in cognitive readiness and ultimately self-defence.

Wing Chun Kung Fu West Midlands UK

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